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Fun with a Sharpie Elf

Graffiti Elf



He drew on our faces in the picture with a dry erase marker.  (it easily rubs off)

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Organize Flash Cards

I did have my teaching flash cards in zip lock baggies.  It worked but I was ready for something stronger for travel.  I looked at the dollar tree and found a plastic container that would work.  Luckily our dollar tree is right next to Michael’s, I decided to check and see if they have anything to use my 50% off coupon on.  I found this container-they suggest you use it for your photo’s.  It was a perfect fit even for my larger flash cards!  It came out to be a dollar a box, and is much neater then 16 individual containers.  I then used my label maker and made labels for each bin.

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For The Love of Cats

So I am defiantly a cat lover.  I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t have a cat or two.  We got Katie Boo as an adult at the animal shelter about 6 years ago.  Mocha came into our home about 4 years ago.  Someone had moved and left him behind.  My kids found him hungry and hanging out in the back of an empty house.  He’s quite ornery but has a very loveable side too.  We got Squeaks and Casper about a year ago from the local shelter as kittens.  Although they look nothing alike, they are brother and sister.  McFluffy was brought into our home about 5 months ago.  My husband and kids went to McDonald’s for lunch and found the poor little kitten dodging cars and scared to death.  We seem to have a really soft heart for animals and rarely pass up an animal in need.  We’ve found many dogs over the years too, but have either found the owner’s or a good home.  My sister actually took a wonderful black lab we found dodging cars by our house and gave him a great home.

To keep our cats busy and to give them space to lounge and play, we built a cat wall.  Actually, my husband was at work and my mom was visiting, I was watching animal planet and someone had put a shelf on the wall for their cat and a light bulb went on in my head.  I actually had all the supplies in the garage, so my mom and sons and I went to work making a whole wall just for the cats.  It took about 3 hours and this is what we accomplished.  The cats love it and are always laying on it, or chasing each other around it.  The cats have proved they have great balance as we’ve had no accidents of them falling off and getting hurt…even at high speeds of running on it.

Basically, all we did was get some shelf board and staple carpet pieces to the shelf and hang on the wall using large brackets.  We staggered them so it would be easy for them to jump from one to the other, and we put a shelf at the bottom slanted so our vertically challenged Boo could also use it.  It’s been a great addition and I don’t think it looks to bad either.

If not for my husband I would totally be that “Crazy Cat Lady”.  If you have a play area for your furry friends, we’d love to see the pictures.

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Welcome to our new blog….

My name is Tera and my sister is Peggy.  We have started this blog to post helpful ideas and tips to make life easier.  We are moms who have a passion for education, kids, saving money, and making life better and more organized.  We hope you bookmark the site and visit often.

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