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Painting a Wall Design

STEP 1: Move furniture away from walls. Take off switch plates and any hardware, pictures, or curtains. Tape all edges with painters tape as straight as you can.

STEP 2: Paint all the edges the same color as the ceiling and baseboard. This helps to seal the tape so you have less problems with bleeding under.

STEP 3: Paint wall the desired color in a flat paint.  I chose granite grey by Glidden.

STEP 4: Find the design that you want on your wall and take it to the office store and get it printed on transparency.  Use that transparency on an overhead projector onto the wall until you like where it’s located.  If possible, paint clear paint onto wall where the design is.    ( If you have to trace the design first, do it as lightly as possible.  The pencil lines will show through the clear. )

STEP 5: Paint the design with a clear high gloss paint.  The design will be subtle and catch the light.

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Boys Closet

To free up even more floor space I put one of the boys’ dressers in the closet.  They both prefer to fold their clothes.  If you look close you can see we put a lower bar to hang clothes on, connecting it midway on the dresser and the wall.

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boys bed

We got this bed for the boys’ room almost one year ago.  It was a great investment for us!  The bed has lots of storage which frees up floor space for legos.  It is also very sturdy, that was a huge worry when we were thinking about getting a bunk bed because our 12 year old has sensory integration.  I was worried about the bed shaking when the little one turned.  No problem.  We found the best deal at Mor furniture.

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Rockin Crayon Art

Here is an art project my son and I made.  I will explain how we did it…….


Art canvas, we used one 11×14 and two 8×10


Paint Brush


Repositional Tape

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Heat Tool or Hair Dryer


Optional: Cricut and Cartridge (we used “Life’s a Party”)



1. First we cut a shape out of cardstock using a cricut machine.  We chose guitars at the biggest size that would fit onto a 12×12 paper.  We then put reposistionable take around all the edges of the cut out and  applied onto canvas.

Tip: If you don’t want paint or crayon to bleed under the paper, you could use vinyl instead

2. We painted the canvas black and the edges of the guitar.  Dont’s forget to paint the edges of the canvas.  Let dry.

3.We glued crayons of different colors to the top of the canvas using a hot glue gun.  We decided to stagger the crayons at the top to add a design instead of lining them up with the top.

4. Place the canvas up against something so it is standing upright with the crayons on the top of the picture.  Heat the crayons with a heat gun or hair dryer until the wax from the crayon melts and drips down the painting.  Do small areas at a time, and continue until you get the desired effect.  Let dry.

TIP: Make sure to cover the floor and a large area around your art canvas as it tends to splatter a bit.

5. We didn’t like the look of the crayons still attached to the canvas, so we popped them off.  They came off easy and left a little line of paper where the crayon was.  I thought this gave it a really great look.

6.  Carefully peel off the cardstock shape.  Your masterpiece is now complete.

We took the cardstock guitar shape and made two smaller pictures witht them to tie it together.  We just painted two small 8×10 canvas and glued the guitars on.  Our game room has a rock and roll, instrument decor and this is such and easy and great additon.  Be creative and have fun.

We’d love to see your creations, please email us your crayon art.

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