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Check out this video my son make on how to turn a dollar bill into a shirt……. stay tuned for ideas to use this in a project.

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Roller Skate Card

I chose to make it a postcard type card.  Cut 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock into four for background. Use the pattern below for the skate.   I was able to fit 4 shoes onto one piece of 8 1/2 X 11 paper to cut out. I cut the shoe out of a marble paper, stopper out of white and wheels out of black/gold.  I chalked the edges to give it more detail.  There are so many different color/pattern combinations you could do with this.

Skate Pattern

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Thank You Mini Box

I needed a quick Thank You gift for some teachers that helped me out.  I made these boxes and filled them with little candies.  I cut the pattern out on yellow card stock, scored and folded the box  and added a strip of pattern paper down the center.  I stamped a thank you note onto light purple card stock and attached it to the front of the box with a brad. Then I glued the box together.   I used the ribbon to tie the handles and keep the candy inside.


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Busy Bags

This is our sewing bag

In our bag we have a can strainer from the dollar tree, the kids use colorful shoe strings to ‘sew’.

I also bought shelf liner at the dollar tree and put it on a loop.  We use string and plastic needles that I got at oriental trading.  The kids LOVE this one!!

For the younger crowd we use buttons and pipe cleaners to work on our fine motor for sewing.

The last picture is a styrofome plate the kids cut to the shape they wanted, then sewed it.  Another favorite of the kids!

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Fortune Cookie Gift

I wanted a cute way to dress up a gift certificate that I bought for my son’s teacher for Valentines Day.  So I bought a chinese take out box from Walmart for .97 and made paper fortune cookies to put inside it.

First I had my son write some little notes for his teacher on thin strips of paper.  Like, “you’re the best teacher” etc.

I then cut 3 inch circles, you can adjust the size for bigger or smaller cookies.

Place the paper fortune on the inside.  If using patterened paper, put on blank side.

Fold paper in half, but do not crease it.

Place finger in middle and gently fold the side in toward the middle.

Place a small piece of double sided tape into the middle of the cookie and press closed.  You now have your fortune cookie.  Time to make some more……..

You can also make your own take out box, here is a good one.  The only problem is that it will be small due to printer size.

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