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Thank You Mini Box

I needed a quick Thank You gift for some teachers that helped me out.  I made these boxes and filled them with little candies.  I cut the pattern out on yellow card stock, scored and folded the box  and added a strip of pattern paper down the center.  I stamped a thank you note onto light purple card stock and attached it to the front of the box with a brad. Then I glued the box together.   I used the ribbon to tie the handles and keep the candy inside.


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Self Checking Addition

I made these self correction addition pie for the preschool age.  One side has the addition problems and you clip on the clothes pin with the answer.  When you turn the pie over, if your answer is correct the color should match.  It’s also good to just match the colors if the child is not quite ready for the math.

I have included a copy of the addition pie to this post.  I used paint chip samples to add the colors.  You can find cheap clothes pins at the dollar store and just glue the rods in place (they come apart easy)  I printed these two to a page on cardstock.


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Button It

I made this super easy buttoning practice.  Take a ribbon and sew a button onto each end.  I used embroidery floss to make it stronger.  Cut shapes or squares out of felt and cut a little slit in the center.  That’s it, it’s ready to button up.

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Popsicle Stick Color Matching

I made these popsicle stick matching busy bags.  I took felt pieces and cut them into popsicle shapes and hand sewed them with embroidery floss.  I then made three different levels of color matching.  For the beginner level, I painted the sticks to match the color of the popsicle.  Medium level I wrote the color name in the color of the popsicle.  For the harder level, I wrote the color name in black.  This way it gives them help with reading colors and gradually progresses them.

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